Paddock Cost of Production and Gross Margin

View a summary of all your paddock costs.

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You can view you Paddock Cost of Production from the Reports tab in the Web App.

report tab icon

Click on Paddock Cost of Production under the Paddocks section.

text reading paddock cost of production

Your cultivation, sowing, harvest and yield costs for each paddock are displayed here.

chart showing paddock cost of production

For further information on customising your reports see our Reporting article.

Paddock Gross Margin

  1. Navigate to the reports page on the web portal

  2. Toggle across to the Cropping Reports

  3. Press on Paddock Gross Margin

Your treatment, cultivation, sowing and harvest costs are shown here with yield, cost and income information shown. This report can be customised using the columns button.

chart showing paddock gross margin

For clarification, the cost columns are explained below:

1. Cost ($) = total costs = all costs (treatment, cultivation, sowing, harvest) added together

2. Cost ($/ha) = total costs / paddock ha

3. Cost / T ($) = total costs / yield tonnage

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