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Cultivation Records

Cultivate a paddock with ease

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Cultivating a paddock in the Mobile App is super easy. 

Creating a Cultivation Record

Select Map, then select the Paddocks tab at the top of the screen.

paddock top navigation items

Tap the paddock you wish to cultivate,  then select More. You will then be able to select Cultivate.

cultivate icon

Press Add Paddocks to cultivate multiple paddocks and update the Area Applied if necessary. Press Next to fill out cultivation information such as the Cultivation Date, Tillage Depth, Tillage Angle and Reason.

add cultivation record in farm management tool

When you are finished, press Next. Select either Contractor or Operator in the Applicator box and fill out the applicator details. Record contractor name and costs or machinery usage, fuel usage, fuel cost and labour details where applicable. 

crop cultivation form

Press Save to finalise your entry.

To view you cultivation records in one place, check out your Cultivation Report. For more information on this see our article here.

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