A physical copy of your farm map allows you to gain a complete picture of your farm, including paddock names, colours, area and arable area and share certain aspects of your map in hardcopy. You are able to print your farm map straight from the Web App. 

Follow this guide to learn how to print your Farm Map from the Web App:

Printing all Paddocks

Select Paddocks from the navigation panel on the left.

To print your entire farm, just select Print Map from the right side of your screen.

Select Paddock Outlines only or Paddock Colours to view the colours of your paddocks. These are the same colours that are shown within your Farm Map.

Select Include paddock list if you would like to include a table of paddocks and their areas. 

Select Livestock Count to include the total number of head in each paddock as a column in the table.

Then, select Print Paddocks.

Select a printer from the Destination box, then press Save.

Print only selected paddocks

If you want to print only specific paddocks, select them by ticking the boxes on the left and press Print Map.

Choose to Highlight selected paddocks or Print paddocks.

Select a printer from the Destination box, then press Save.

Print by Block

Select the Customise Columns button on the top right of the paddock list, tick Block and then Save.

Click on the box Group By and select from the drop down list Block.

Tick the box next to the block name and go to Print Map.

Select a printer from the Destination box and then click Save.

Printing Landmarks on your Farm Map

Printing with Landmarks visible isn’t yet a feature, but it is planned on our product roadmap. You can vote on the feature on our AgriWebb Ideas Portal to increase its priority and stay up to date on its launch. Check out this quick workaround to print with landmarks visible.

From the Web App, select Farm Map. Filter which landmarks you would like to be visible on the right hand side of the screen. Use the print screen function on your computer to screenshot your current view of your farm. 

If you are having any issues at all with printing your farm map, get into contact with our Farm Success team who will help you get back up and running!

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