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Send a Screenshot to Farm Success
Send a Screenshot to Farm Success

How to screenshot the image of what is happening on your Mobile App and send it across to the Farm Success team

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Follow these steps to send a screen shot via the NoteBook chat

  1. Go to the screen that you would like to share with the Farm Success Team

  2. Take a ScreenShot of this screen, this will then save to your phone.

  3. Go to the Menu page then scroll down and select Chat

  4. Tap the green Pen icon to start a new conversation or select an existing conversation

  5. At the bottom of the chat page, select the picture icon to access images on your phone (far right below)

image of text box

6. Select the image you wish to share, the image will then pop up on the screen.
7. Tap the white arrow in the top right of the screen to send the image

The image will now be received by the Farm Success team. See below for a quick video of the above steps

gif showing pasture mapping and management

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