When a mob is deleted, this action is permanent. All history and records for that mob are also deleted.

We recommend only deleting newly created mobs. For older mobs, performing a recount and setting the mob size to 0, will remove the mob from your farm whilst maintaining its full history. Learn more in our guide about how to perform a Recount.

Follow this guide to how to permanently delete a mob:

Mobile App

From the Mobs tab, tap on the mob you wish to delete.

Under the mob name, select View Details.

Select More from the bottom-right corner then select Delete.

Be sure to read through the confirmation boxes carefully. Continue by ticking them off and pressing Yes, delete the mob.

The mob will now be deleted from the Mobile App, perform a Manual Sync to push changes across to the Web App.

If the mob has a lot of history then the delete will be blocked. In this case a recount should be performed and the mob size set to 0 to remove the mob from the farm while maintaining its full history.

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