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Weaning Records (Individuals)

Track you weaning dates and methods

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You can access the weaning records from both the Mobile and Web App.

Mobile App

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

add record button

Select Individual Animals > Choose the animal being weaned> Add Records> Wean.

Be sure to toggle from Basic > Advanced to apply the Method.

If you need to apply multiple animals, click the drop down arrow beside Select Animals, here you also have the ability to select animals from paddocks or management groups.

Web App

Select Livestock > Individuals. From here you can click Add Record.

Choose Wean then toggle from Basic > Advanced to display all fields.

livestock animal dropdown

By clicking the drop down arrow beside Select animals, you have the option to add animals to the record by paddocks, management groups, and CSV.

After adding appropriate animals and weaning methods, Click Save.

Viewing weaning record data

You can view the animals weaning date by clicking into the animals baseball card and looking at the History.

livestock reports

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