Drafting in the Yards (Individual)

Learn how to draft animals crush side (chute side) with AgriWebb.

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Drafting Individual Animals in AgriWebb

Often when in the yards, producers will draft their animals on different traits including weight range, treatment status or perhaps pregnancy status.

If you are wishing to draft your animals based on weight range or treatment status, the first step would be to ensure you have locations on the farm map to draft them too on AgriWebb. This could be the actual paddock they are going to, or some producers prefer to create drafting pens, which could look something like this on AgriWebb.

Please note: If you have yards like this set up purely for drafting purposes that may not exist in real life, it is important to set the arable area to 0 so it doesn't affect your total arable area.

draft animal weight record

Once you have set up the drafting pens or ensured your paddocks are ready to go, you are able to add in the drafting options you want to see in your live session. It could look something like this.

When in your live session you can now draft animals based upon any criteria that you want by selecting between the various draft location's. They will automatically move to this area once the live session is completed and you are free to create subsequent movement records from there.

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