The HR4 or HR5 EID readers can be connected to Android devices via bluetooth or Apple devices via WiFi.

HR4 or HR5 reader

The reader will create its own WiFi hotspot for your mobile device to connect to. From the Main Menu screen, use the arrow keys to select the Wireless icon and press OK.

The Wireless screen will display, showing the last known connection on as either Bluetooth (default for first time connections) or WiFi. To change the type of communication, select the field where Bluetooth or WiFi is displayed and press OK. Use the arrow keys to change the communication type and press OK.

The connection status and device table display and the connection status changes to ‘Discoverable’ mode. The reader can now be searched for and found by other devices (Discoverable). The status of the current connection is displayed on the screen.

Gallagher HR4 user guide page 18 for wireless connections.
Gallagher HR5 user guide page 22 for wireless connections.

AgriWebb App

WiFi Connections

On the mobile device, go to Settings > WiFi and wait until the stick reader signal appears in the list. Select it to connect.

Now go to the AgriWebb mobile app. Under Menu, select Hardware Connections. The device should be auto-discovered and listed, so you should simply tap Connect.



Check what firmware your HR wand is running. To do so, navigate to the 'i' button > about > and read the 'App" number. If you are on anything more recent the 1.16.011, please follow the instructions here

Manual Connection

Otherwise, you can manually connect to the device, by tapping on the green bar at the bottom of the page, Connect a new device.

Select Gallagher HR4 or HR5.

Choose the device model from the drop down, either HR4 or HR5 and enter the IP address of the EID reader. Then select Save.

To find this IP address, go to the list of WiFi connections on your mobile device settings and select the 'i' next to the reader's network. The IP address is listed here and is a combination of numbers and letters. AgriWebb needs the IPv4 address.

Now that the reader is connected to the mobile device you can simply scan an EID to bring up the animal information or begin a live session by going to Livestock > Live session.

Sometimes the old fashioned off and on again method can make all the difference with the hardware connections. If rebooting all devices and starting again doesn't work, there are a few more options below.

Cellular data interruption
Often the signal between stick reader and mobile device can be interrupted by the cellular data from the device. Turn this off and attempt to connect again without the interference.

Test if the connection is working with another app
To support you with any troubleshooting, it will be helpful to know if the issue is with connecting to the phone itself or just to the AgriWebb mobile app. To this, you can download the Gallagher Animal Data Transfer app from the app store and attempt to connect the reader following the steps in this video. If this works for you, then it would mean the phone can successfully connect, but there may be an outstanding issue connecting to the AgriWebb app directly. Let the team know if this is the case and we can investigate further for you.

See more from our troubleshooting guide.

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