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Connecting the Gallagher W-0

How to connect your Gallagher W-0 to your AgriWebb Mobile App.

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Note: The ability to connect hardware is only available on Individual Animal Management. For further information on this feel free to check out our Plan and Pricing page or contact the team.

Setup Considerations

The W-0 has 2 physical male connectors (Amphenol plug) that can connect to Load Bars.

The W-0 ONLY sends weight information to AgriWebb and does not read any EIDs directly. You can still get EID information by connecting an EID Reader directly to your AgriWebb Mobile App.

NOTE: If you have an Apple iOS device, make sure you select an EID Reader that can support iOS. The full list of supported EID Readers is found here.

More Info about the W-0 is available on Gallaghers website.

Setup Option

If you have a Bluetooth Panel Reader, that will replace the bluetooth stick reader in the following diagrams.

gallagher hardware linking

  1. Connect the EID Reader to AgriWebb mobile via bluetooth. More info on connecting your Mobile App to hardware can be found here.

    1. Enable Bluetooth Scan on the EID Reader

    2. AgriWebb Mobile App > Menu > Hardware Connections > Select your EID reader (e.g. HR-5)

  2. Connect your AgriWebb Mobile App to the W-0.

    1. You can connect directly to the W-0 from within the AgriWebb Mobile App.
      AgriWebb Mobile App > Menu > Hardware Connections > Select W-0.

  3. Start your session on W-0 and AgriWebb

Steps for starting a Live Session can be found here.

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