Assumed Daily Gain (Individuals)

Using assumed daily gain to project your animals current weights.

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This allows you to make estimates of your animals weights and to visually compare their performance against your expectations.

Mobile App

Record your assumed ADG against a cohort of animals by using the Assumed Daily Gain record.

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

Select Assumed Daily Gain.

Select the date from which the ADG should apply alongside your ADG value.

Projected Weight

After at least one actual weight, and one or more assumed ADG values have been entered, AgriWebb can project the animal's current weight. This value can be found in the Animal Details window.

Note: See here for steps on creating Weight Records. Whilst further information Animal Details can be found in Animal Details & History.

This chart will show you the animals actual weight, ADG records as well as the projected weights based on both the ADG records and actual weights.

The projected weight can also be seen in your Livestock Insights and on the Individual Animal List.

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