This report shows the performance statistics and costs per animal during their lifetime on farm. It can help with attributing profits and evaluating your best performing animals.

Go to your Web App and click on Reports from the left navigation panel.

From the top bar select the Individuals section. Under Production Reports, click Animal Performance.

This report displays information relating to an animal's sale and purchase, alongside various other performance values including carcass data and weight gain.

Below are some of the available fields:

  • Turnover: The sale price minus the purchase price, without factoring in production costs.
  • Costs: Costs have been segregated into categories - medicine, labour, transport, disposal and additional costs.
  • Profit/loss: The net profit/loss attributed to the animal, including its production costs.
  • Overall daily weight gain: The average weight gain of the animal per day while on farm.
  • Kill out percentage (carcass): The percentage of net cold weight to live weight. This calculation uses the animal's most recent weight, provided one has been recorded within 7 days of slaughter.

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