Manually Add Individual Livestock

Learn how to add individual animals from the Mobile App & the Web App

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Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen

Tap Individual Animals to view your list of individuals

Select New Animal.

Fill out the relevant details for the individual.

Select the Basic dropdown in the top right to change the amount of detail within the form.

When you are finished, press Save.

Web App

Select the Livestock tab of the navigation panel on the left

Select the Individuals tab at the top of the page to view your list of individuals.

Click Add Animals > Create an animal on the top right of the animal list

Tap Basic in the top left to reveal the other form settings to select from.

When you are finished, click Save to finalise your entry.

Tips for adding in accurate animal details

  1. Date of Birth & Accuracy
    We ask for a date of birth so we can automatically age your animals over time. The date selections are standard ranges and are limited by the age class selected.

    For the mature age classes Ewe, Maiden Ewe, Ram, Bull, Steer, Cow, Heifer, and Yearling, you can choose date of birth accuracy as "year' or "Do not track"; otherwise a "day" or "month" of birth is required.

    NOTE: In the UK, a specific DOB is required for government registration purposes.

2. Age Class

Selecting an age class assumes common animal characteristics comprising of sex, approximate age, fertility, wean and offspring status. For more details on age classes in AgriWebb, read here.

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