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Learn the best way to record irrigation in AgriWebb

Updated over a week ago

This article covers a solution for recording paddock irrigation.

Set Up

Create a paddock treatment inventory item for your water. Each inventory item can be set up as individual irrigation sources across your property.

set up paddock treatments form

Check out our guide to Adding Inventory if you want to learn more.

Recording Irrigation

Once the water inventory is set up, record irrigation by creating a Spray record. Select the irrigation source as the inventory item and enter the details of either the rate, or total amount applied. 

Within the details page, record the details of when irrigation started and finished.

On the details page there is also a Reasons for Application tab. Within this tab you will also be able to add Notes, which you can use to record information like pump or engine details. 

Once you have added these details, press Save. Irrigation records can now be viewed from the Paddock History and the Paddock Treatments Report

Paddock Treatments Report

From the Reports tab, select Paddock Treatment Records. You can use the customise columns, filter and grouping functions to update the report to only show your relevant irrigation details.

paddock treatment reports

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

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