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Google Maps Updates

Is your farm imagery up to date?

Updated over a week ago

AgriWebb uses Google Maps, the world’s main satellite imagery provider, as a base for your farm map satellite images. 

If your farm map is out of date, it may be that it falls outside of the Google Maps priority update area. While there is no guarantee for a timeline of when the imagery in your location will be updated by Google, you can report issues directly to Google.

Report an Issue to Google

From the Web App, select Farm Map from the left navigation bar.

Click Report a Map Error, on the bottom right of the screen. It's very tiny text, so look carefully!

There isn't a specific feedback option for out of date imagery, but you may be able to use the 'wrong information or 'your opinions about maps' options. Submit your feedback to Google Maps and make sure to include a screenshot of the area that needs updating. 

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