The Livestock Schedule allows you to calculate your gross profit from trading and average cost per head for your operation.

The schedule takes into account the brought forward value, purchases, sales, deaths and natural increases in the period under review.

The killed for rations section is populated from death records recorded with rations in the description.

The default for natural increase values are taken from the Australian Tax Office ($20 for cattle, $4 for sheep), however, you can adjust this if you want to assign a custom value to your livestock for management purposes.

Generating the report is quick and easy:

  1. From the Reports tab, select Livestock schedule 

  1. Select the period under review for your report

2. Select the species (Cattle/Sheep).

3. Enter the brought forward closing stock value for the previous period. 

4. Adjust the natural increase value if required

5. Review your report data to ensure you haven't forgotten to enter any records in AgriWebb

6. View, Print and Export the report as necessary

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