The following article showcases how tasks can be dropped to your exact location using the AgriWebb Notebook. 

Enabling GPS Tracking
Before switching GPS on within AgriWebb, make sure your Location is switched on for your phone).

1. Open the Menu page in the AgriWebb Notebook.
2. Select the Settings tab.
3. Switch on the Enable GPS tracking tab. 

Drop the Task to your location

  1. Open up the Task map.
  2. To hover over your location, tap the GPS crosshairs button. For Android devices this is located to the right of the Task Header, while for iPhones it will be located in the bottom right corner of the map.  
  3. Press the Add ( + ) button in the bottom right hand corner to add a new task. 

4. Create the New Task as normal, however, this time leave the Location field empty. This will auto assign the task to your GPS location. 

5. Note the New Task has been dropped to your GPS location. 

6. To view the coordinates for your New Task tap on the Task Pin. 

Moving a Task Location

Just like a Mob can be dragged and dropped, tasks can also be dragged from one point to another, allowing you to pin point the location of a Task.
To do this, tap and hold on the task pin and drag the task icon. By zooming into the map as far as possible the Task pin can be dropped to within a very short radius of the exact location.

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