Changing Paddock Colours

AgriWebb gives you a wide variety of colours to help define your paddocks! This makes it easy for you to view what you're doing on farm.

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Changing paddock colours in AgriWebb

Please note, the paddocks don't colour themselves.

The User Defined Colours of your paddocks can be easily changed. Here's how to change a paddock colour:

1. Log in to the Portal

2. Select Farm Map from the left navigation bar

pasture mapping in agriwebb

3. Select the Paddock that you wish to change colour of from the map or the list, you will be presented with a summary of the paddock

paddock report

3. click Edit details at the top of the paddock summary, you will be presented with a from to edit the paddock,

4. On the paddock details form use the Colour On Map dropdown to choose a new colour.

paddock reporting

5. Click Save
6. Return to the Farm Map to see your change.

chaning pasture maps in app

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