Contact Management

Save your important contacts in one place and save time creating records.

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Contact management in AgriWebb

Learn how to store your important contacts for your operation in one place so your team has easy access and can save time when record keeping.

Note: Contact Management setup will only be accessible in the Web app but can be used on records on Web and Mobile apps.

Manage your Contacts

To start, select Account from the navigation in the Web app, then click Contact Management which will create contacts for the farm you are on.

contact management

To add a new contact, find the Add Contact button on the right.

add a contact button

Next, the Contact Form will appear and you can fill in the desired information.

contact form

When you select the Types dropdown, please refer to the definitions below for details of which category your contact may fall under. You will only see the contact types that your subscription plan has the associated records.

Contact Type


Relevant Records


Contact that processes livestock

  • Sale Record

AI Technician

Contact that is an artificial insemination technician

  • AI Record (Individual Management only)


Contact that purchases livestock

  • Sale Record


An auction marketplace to indicate the buyer on sale records.

  • Sale Record

Shearing Contractor

Contractor for wool harvest records.

  • Wool Harvest Record


Contact where you purchase farm/ranch supplies (animal health and paddock treatment inventory)

  • Animal treatment inventory

  • Paddock treatment inventory


Contact that freights or transports sold or purchased livestock or facilitates the movement of stock between your farms

  • Sale Record

  • Purchase Record

  • Transfer Record (ON or OFF)


Contact who you have purchased livestock from

  • Purchase Record


A vet or contractor for treatment or AI records.

  • Treatment Record

  • AI Record (Individual Management only)

  • Animal treatment inventory

Using Contacts while Creating Records in the Web App

By having a list of your contacts that is easily accessible, this also allows you to save steps when you create certain records such as the Wool Harvest Record, Purchase and Sale Record, Transfer Record, Commodity Purchase and Sale Record, and Treatment Record and Inventory.

For example, in the Purchase Record, you will notice the Vendor and Transport sections both have options to Select Contact.

purchase record for livestock

When you choose Select Contact, a list of of all the transporter type contacts will appear for you to choose from.

select contact in livestock management tool

Select the appropriate contact, then choose Confirm contact selection.

contact selection button

The fields in the record will then auto-populate. If you do not see the appropriate contact listed, you may need to adjust the Type of contact (see the table above for more details).

Using and Adding Contacts while Creating Records in the Mobile App

Creating Records

You can also take advantage of auto-populating fields in records via your contacts in the mobile app.

For example, the Purchase Record, choose Select contact from contact list.

purchase record for livestock

Next, a list of all transporter type contacts will appear as shown below. Choose the correct contact then Select.

select contact form for livestock tracking

Empty fields in the Purchase record will then populate based on the information that is saved for that particular contact.

Adding Contacts

If you need to add contacts on the go, this can also be done in the mobile app. In the records, choose Select from contact list in the record, then Add contact

add contact button

Fill in the details with the appropriate information, then Save.

add contact form

add contact form

Note: All users roles have the ability to choose contacts when creating records but only Managers and Admins can add contacts.

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