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Access to Individual Animal Management
Access to Individual Animal Management

Learn from the FAQ's on what's available for Australian customers.

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Individual Animal Management in AgriWebb

We have carefully developed the new individual management features to enable producers to collect and analyse individual animal data, allowing even greater insights into performance and productivity.

AgriWebb remains the holistic farm management solution and with this new platform, the core elements of AgriWebb including mob management will benefit from the flexibility and intuitive functionality we have included in this new platform.

Please get in touch if you have any questions and check out the frequently asked questions below on how the rollout of the features will work.

What is currently available to customers?

The core farm management of AgriWebb’s platform remains the same, however, producers can now record livestock data at an individual level. View the full suite of farm and livestock records available with individual management here.
​What's coming next?

Mob to individual conversion

For existing customers wanting to move to individual management, we will be in touch when the conversion from mob to individual is available. It's hard to say when, but this won't be for quite some time.

What are the plans for mob management?

We have addressed a number of the key mob customer requests as we’ve built the individual system and will be upgrading the mob system to take advantage of those in the coming months. The ability to create all records from the web app, and automatic age class and DSE updates are just a few examples of these.

We are also working on the ability to seamlessly run mobs and individuals side-by-side, for situations where you might be running mobs on-farm but want to tag animals and register them in NLIS for sale, or where you’re running a breeding enterprise as mobs, but want to track individual lamb weights for sale.

Can I move to individual management now?

For existing customers who have been managing at a mob level for some time, we recommend that you wait until mobs can be converted into individuals. This is because the history of your mobs cannot be transitioned to the new individual system.

What do I need to consider before moving to individual management now?

Beginning with individual management now will be a clean slate. If you move to individual management now, you won’t be able to transfer your mob history.

When can I access IAM?

Individual management is available for new customers currently and will be rolled out to existing customers over time. Should there be a specific need for individual management sooner, please discuss with the team and we'll give you a hand.

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