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Measurement Tool
Measurement Tool

Measure the length of a fence, paddock or distance between points.

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How to use the feature? 

To use the measurement feature, login to the AgriWebb web-app or your mobile app and navigate to your farm map. 

Select the Tools button

tools dropdown menu


Select the Measure Fences button

measure fences button

Select Start Drawing

'start drawing' buttons

Using the crosshair, click on the first point of measurement, then drag the crosshair to the second point and click again. You can have as many points as you wish. 

As you draw your lines the Snap to Edge feature will try to Snap On to any nearby or existing fence-lines. To deselect the Snap to Edge feature, select the Settings button then deselect the Snap to Edge button.

settings dropdown

Select the Undo button to remove the last line drawn.

Once you have completed the length of measurement, select the Finish button.

pasture maps


To display individual line lengths, select the Settings button, and then select the Show Individual Lengths.

text reading 'show individual lengths'

The total length of the line is displayed in the Total Length box, in the top right corner.


total length reading from pasture mapping app

   You can print your fences using the print button in the toolbar:

print button

You can choose to print the paddock outlines or the existing paddock colours. Each Portion of the fence is numbered, and the length of the fence is detailed in an attached table below:

print pasture map feature
fence mapping data sheet

You can also export the fences you create and import them later. These are exported as GeoJSON lines.

import / export button



Measure the length of a fence or a portion of a fence line. 

paddock mapping with notes

Boundary lines:

Measure the total length of a farm boundary. 

measuring farm boundaries

Distance between locations:

Measure the distance between two or more locations on your farm. 

measuring distances in farm mapping tool


On the Mobile

  1. Open the farm map page

  2. Toggle to the paddocks view

  3. Press the green edit (pencil) icon

  4. Press the blue measurement icon

  5. Use the add button to create points on the map to measure

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