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Backdating Record Restrictions
Backdating Record Restrictions

A simple reference for quick backdating records on mob management and paddocks

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Backdating allows you to maintain accurate records for your livestock and paddocks. The information below serves as a guide for how far back records can be created.

As a rule for Mob Management, restrictions will apply if you are trying to backdate over the top of other records already created for a mob within AgriWebb.
To successfully input past records, ensure they are entered in the same series of events that occurred in the field.

Note: Backdating record restrictions do not apply for Individual Animal Management.


Treatments, feeds, pregnancy scanning, condition score, weight, wool harvest can be backdated to the creation date for that mob. If you select a date prior to this, it shows an error message “Mob is unavailable until.. X date”.

If you have a different mob size on the backdated date, it will update the mob no. of head accordingly.

Backdating records that change mob size (recount, sale, death), you must have enough head count on that selected date.

Example: Add a mob of 100 on Monday, merge 50 head in on Tuesday (now 150), then sell 90 on Wednesday (60 remaining). You can’t backdate before Monday as the mob didn’t exist, and you can’t reduce the mob by more than 60 before Tuesday as that would result in there not being 90 left over to sell.

The following records have specific limitations on backdating:

Movement (no merge)
No earlier than most recent movement of selected livestock

Movement (merge)
No earlier than most recent movement of selected or target livestock

No earlier than most recent movement of maternal livestock

Animal Units (DSE/LSU/AE)
No earlier than most recent movement


Open or close gate
Last time gate was opened or closed

Feed on offer, FOO target, PGR
Paddock creation date

Fertilise, Spray

Cultivate, Sow, Harvest
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