AgriWebb NoteBook v2

The AgriWebb mobile app for your iOS or Android devices. Lets you make updates in the paddock, on the go. Down the NoteBook from your device's app store.

24-Oct-2017 - Version 2.0.38


  • Improve map stability and performance when many tasks are visible

20-Oct-2017 - Version 2.0.36


  • Wether Lambs are created as sheep during marking
  • Updating sale records no longer creates duplicate entries in the sale record list
  • Performance of paddock labels on the map has been improved
  • On move PGR record will no longer use the FOO value

17-Oct-2017 - Version 2.0.35


  • Application start and end times are shown on the review page of paddock treatments
  • Prevent the notebook for hanging on startup due to having poor internet connection
  • Issue with date picker that allowed for records to be created a day further in the past then should have been allowed
  • App crash when moving into a new paddock using the Move button

12-Oct-2017 - Version 2.0.34


  • Moving all mobs in a paddock will move all mobs again, and not just those of the dragged marker.
  • Sale records can be backdated more than 2 days.
  • Sync will only run in the background
  • Paddock records can now be edited and the dates changed
  • Warning is shown when mobs are moved into a withholding paddock

4-Oct-2017 - Version 2.0.33


  • Mob treatment and feed records can be back dated and are not limited to the last 2 days.
  • Crash caused by slow loading of current feed on offer

3-Oct-2017 - Version 2.0.32


  • UX tweaks (stat box icons, button styling)


  • Crash bug fixes (move bugs, inventory creation, weight and score editing)
  • Grazing days remaining will display on the paddock and mobs in paddock pages

AgriWebb NoteBook v1

NoteBook v1 is the legacy record keeping app for Android tablets. This version has been superseded by AgriWebb NoteBook v2. All users should download and use that new version.

3-Oct-2017 - Version 1.1.21


  • Notification to inform users that NoteBook 2 is available and that NoteBook v1 will be discontinued in the coming months

AgriWebb Portal

Reports and advanced functions from your desktop web browser. The AgriWebb Portal is always running at the latest version. Visit to log in.


  • Major release of Portal that reduces page load times and boosts performance significantly. For the technically curious, this was a migration from Angular 1 to Angular 4
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