AgriWebb NoteBook v2

The AgriWebb mobile app for your iOS or Android devices. Lets you make updates in the paddock, on the go. Down the NoteBook from your device's app store.

20-Dec-2017 - Version 2.0.49


  • Rainfall summary will not populate immediately after logging into the notebook.
  • Better handling of mob markers to avoid the notebook crashing when loading mobs for the first time.

17-Dec-2017 - Version 2.0.48


  • Rainfall summary will update immediately when switching farms.

14-Dec-2017 - Version 2.0.47


  • Total DSE and DSE per grazing hectare has been added to the farm summary page.


  • The "More" popup dialog of Mobs and Paddocks will appear correctly on smaller devices.

12-Dec-2017 - Version 2.0.46


  • Wean lambs and calves from the mob details page.
  • Rainfall summary on the home page. See your rainfall to date and add a new record from the home page.


  • New Feed on offer records will appear immediately on the paddock details page.
  • Improved iPhone X support. Now the app is full screen.

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