AgriWebb NoteBook

The AgriWebb mobile app for your iOS or Android devices. Lets you make updates in the paddock, on the go. Down the NoteBook from your device's app store.

5-April-2018 - Version 2.0.55


  • Grazing days remaining will be calculated using the total area of a paddock when the arable area is not set.
  • Application history of animal feeds and treatments and paddock treatments can be scrolled

11-April-2018 - Version 2.0.56


  • Landmarks will stay hidden on the map when they are turned off.

19-April-2018 - Version 2.0.57


  • Notes from a mobs entire branching history will be shown on the mobs details page
  • Total contractor cost on sowing and harvest records can be calculated by entering the cost per hectare
  • Feed on offer will no longer be impacted by mobs that have been deleted

21-April-2018 - Version 2.0.58


  • The review page of a paddock treatment will not crash the app when displaying 20 or more paddocks at once

27-April-2018 - Version 2.0.59


  • Reviewing a historical paddock treatment from the inventory list will now show the total area applied instead of 0
  • Copying or updating a record will immediately appear in the current mob or paddocks history after saving
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