Multiple users from your organisation can use the AgriWebb Portal and NoteBook. Adding multiple users allows tasks to be assigned to specific employees, as well as controlling who in your organisation has access to specific features.

The number of active users you can have is limited by your current subscription plan and the number of licenses you have purchased.

Add a user

See these steps to add a user:

1. Log in to the Portal
2. Select Account from the left navigation panel

3. Select User Settings 

4. Select the green Add User button. If the button is disabled, you may be at your plan’s maximum.

Note, if a user is already on another AgriWebb account, you can link them by selecting Link Existing User and entering their email address. This will then give the user access to your account.

5. Enter the user's details and a password of your choice
6. Select Save

Assign or Revoke a User

As the Primary Account holder you may also assign and revoke users previously added to your AgriWebb account. 

Assign: Increase your on-farm success and assign a user license. This enables a team member to have access to your AgriWebb account.

Revoke: Revoking a user license frees the license up to be assigned to another user. You may, for instance, revoke a user’s license if you no longer employ them and want to use the license for another employee. After a user’s license is revoked that user can no longer log in to your AgriWebb account.

Assigning or revoking can be performed from the User Setting page by toggling the Assign License / Revoke License button of the relevant user.


User Hierarchy  

User hierarchy is not currently available on AgriWebb but we do hope to implement this feature in the near future.  

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