Mobs with matching Breed, Tag Colour and Age Class will merge if in the same paddock. To seperate the mob into different mobs within the same paddock you will need to split them off and then add Individual Tracking Details before moving them back. To add Individual Tracking Details please follow the below steps

Part 1- Split the mob

  1. Select the Mobs icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. Move the Mob you wish to split to a neighbouring paddock
  3. Draft/Split the amount you wish to seperate from the mob
  4. Press Save

Part 2- Add the Visual Tag Number

  1. Select the separated Mob
  2. Select View Mob Details
  3. Select More in the bottom right corner
  4. Select Edit in the bottom left corner, below Mob Actions
  5. Select the Individual Tracking tab, top right
  6. Enter a unique name or number in the Visual Tag Number field. E.g. Dry Ewes
  7. Press Save

Part 3- Move the Tagged Mob back with the original Mob

  1. Drag and Drop the split mob back to the original paddock
  2. Select the Mob and check the mob is split

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