Please follow the instructions below to draft and split mobs.

  1. Select 'Mobs'
  2. Hold and drag the Mob you wish to move. Do not take your finger off the screen until the Mob is on top of the destination paddock
  3. Select 'Draft & Split'
  4. Select the number of livestock from search Mob you wish to draft and split.
  5. Select the 'Move Record Date'
  6. Select 'Save'

Tips & Tricks

A mob can merge with a different mob in the destination paddock if the mobs have the same:

  • Age class
  • Breed
  • Tag colour
  • Management tag

When a merge is possible you will have the option to merge on move.

Read more about merging mobs in the Merge Mobs help article

Backdating a Move, Split or Draft

Refer to our Backdating article below


Mob joining is initiated by moving a Bulls or Rams into the same paddock as Ewes or Cows. To end joining, move the Bulls or Rams to another paddock. For more information on joining, read our joining article here.

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