Looking to run mobs between multiple paddocks....welcome to open gate! Make sure your device is on at least App version of 2.0.80 👍

How does it work?

The algorithm behind open gate takes mob DSE and total paddock area into consideration. This helps to calculate available Feed on Offer and remaining Grazing Days in each of the paddocks. 

Getting started with open gate:

  • First, we need to get your gates set up on the Portal. Here's how:
  1. Log into the Portal
  2. From the Farm Map, select the green Add in the top left 
  3. Under Infrastructure, select to add a Gate
  4. Use the '+' icon the click where the gate goes
  5. Complete the gate details and Save
  • When adding a gate you can select which paddocks to connect. The closest 2 paddocks will automatically be selected, but these can be changed.
  • You can also edit your existing gates which are not already connected to confirm which paddocks they link. See how to here


Opening the gates

From the NoteBook:

1. From the Mob Map, move or draft/split a mob into an adjoining paddock
2. At the top of your screen, choose to Update gates

3. Tap on a gate to open, and connect the two paddocks

4. Select
5. Continue to create the movement of draft/split record


1. From the Mob Map, tap on a Mob
2. In the top right of your screen, select Show All

3. Under Connected Paddocks, tap on the gate

4. Select to open gate or close gate

5. Enter the date
6. Save


1. From the Paddock Map, tap on a gate
2. Select to open gate or close gate

3. Enter the date
4. Save

From the Portal:

1. Log in to the Portal
2. From the Farm Map, click on the gate icon

3. Select to open gate or close gate

4. Enter the date
5. Save

Tips for using Open Gate:

  • Highlighted paddocks show where gates are open
  • Paddocks and Mobs will show a history of open and closed gates
  • Opening a gate will also begin a joining period 
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