Connecting to the Te Pari Macrostock System

How to connect your Te Pari T1/T30 system to your AgriWebb Mobile App.

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Note: The ability to connect to EID hardware is only available on Individual Animal Management. For further information on this feel free to check out our Plan and Pricing page or contact the team.

AgriWebb Mobile App can integrate with the Te Pari Macrostock system over WIFI.

It is also important to ensure that your Te Pari hardware is running the most recent firmware updates (Firmware 03.27 or later and Macrostock version 2024.04.01 or later). For help with configuring your Te Pari hardware please contact Te Pari support.

To see the full list of AgriWebb supported EID Readers see here.

Setup over WIFI

  1. Setup your Macrostock system setting up EID readers and scales.

  2. Connect your mobile device to the same WIFI network as setup for Macrostock

  3. Connect the AgriWebb Mobile App to TePari Macrostock.

    • AgriWebb Mobile App > Menu > Hardware Connections > select Te Pari Macrostock, which should be visible in the hardware list.

    • Once connected AgriWebb will be listed in the connected devices menu in the Macrostock app.

  4. Start your session on Macrostock and AgriWebb.

If Te Pari Macrostock is not visible in the Hardware Connections list check that the device running AgriWebb is connected to the same WIFI network as the Macrostock system.

Steps for starting a Live Session can be found here.

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