Purchase records can be created on both the Mobile and Web App. We will start here with the Web App (Computer or internet browser on a tablet)


After speaking with AgriWebb users in Northern Ireland and with the recent changes to the APHIS system we are recommending, in the short term, the below process of registering a Purchase.

Should you wish to create your purchase records exclusively through AgriWebb mobile or web app the relevant help article can be found HERE

Recommended Process - December 2020

Step 1: APHIS Online

Register your purchase record via APHIS online directly.

This is a straight forward process and will allow you to more easily pull the animals in question into AgriWebb, allowing you to enter purchase price and subsequent records

Step 2: Within AgriWebb

To reflect the new Purchase records and movement of animals onto your AgriWebb account select Livestock and then Government Registrations.

You can then select the Update from APHIS button. This will look through your APHIS account and allow you to import all of your newly purchased animals.

Once your new animals have been added to the system select Individuals across the top of the page to load your animal list.

Select Filter, New Filter and enter On Farm Date is X (select the date these animals were purchased).

Once the cattle are displayed select the top box just below the filters to select all animals.

Select Add Records, Create Records and then scroll down the left hand side to select Purchase.

Once in the Purchase record you can simply fill in the fields you wish to enter. Because this record is not being sent to APHIS you can use the toggle provided.

The ticking of Yes means that you DO NOT have to enter the below information if you do not have it to hand;

  1. Movement e-doc number
  2. Confirmation Sticker Number
  3. Previous Herd Location Number

This will allow you to enter your individual prices and weights into AgriWebb and ensure your AgriWebb platform matches your APHIS online account.

Please note there will be a pending record generated of this purchase record in the Government Registrations tab. As you do not need to re-submit this information to APHIS you can ignore or archive these pending records.

Watch the quick instructional video HERE

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