My forage is not being updated in AgriWebb?

When the Cibo Labs integration is activated in your AgriWebb account, a pasture image will be captured every 3-5 days. Cibo Labs will only push a forage update through to AgriWebb if they have collected a minimum of 3 “good” readings in the last 15 days. Due to the time of year and significant cloud cover in some areas we may not have enough reliable data to push an update every 5 days.

How can I trust the accuracy of these forage updates?

You can check out your unique link to your detailed forage insights, which provides more insight into the method Cibo Labs use to measure your pastures. The unique link contains multiple views, some which show cloud cover, the confidence of each specific reading and highlighted areas on each paddock that are being grazed more than others.

To learn more about the Cibo Labs maps and methods read their user guide here.

Can I input past or current data to calibrate?

Yes, Cibo Labs has a specific calibration tool where you can supply manual readings to help calibrate your farm and area. You can book a calibration session with Phil Tickle from Cibo Labs to learn more.

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