Transfers On/Off Farm

The Transfer On Farm and Transfer Off Farm record allows you to record details of non-purchase/sales livestock movements onto and off your farm.

Note: This will not transfer the stock from farm to farm within AgriWebb.

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

Select Create Bulk Record > Transfer on farm OR Transfer Off Farm

Fill in the details of your transfer in the fields provided. The fields shown depend on the location of your farm and the species of animal. Note: To see more detailed fields click the settings cog at the top of the screen and select Advanced.

Once complete tap Save to record the transfer. You can view and edit your Transfer On Farm record from your individuals histories. See Individual Animal Details and History for more.

Animals recorded as transferred off farm are not shown in the Individual Animal list by default. To view these animals, tap the Animal Filter drop-down at the top of the Individual Animals list and select Off farm to view sold or transferred animals.

Transfers Between Farms

To move individual animals between your farms in AgriWebb start by recording an Individual Transfer Off Farm or Sale Record. Note: See Individual Sale Records for more.

Be sure to choose Select from my farms as the Transfer type.

Select Save.

This Outgoing transfer will now appear in the Movements tab of your Web App or the Livestock Movements on your Mobile App.

Mobile App

To view and accept transfers on the mobile app select Menu > Livestock Movements > AgriWebb Transfers.

The Outgoing page lists your pending and historic transfers, these can be viewed and cancelled. In order to cancel an outgoing transfer your AgriWebb mobile app must be online and fully synced.

Note: Cancelling a transfer will prevent the animals from being accepted on the destination farm in AgriWebb, but will not remove the Transfer Off Farm or Sale Record from the animals’ histories.

Transfers to another farm appear as Incoming Transfers on the destination farm. They can be accepted or declined on either the web or mobile apps.

When you have incoming transfers, a number on the menu will indicate how many. If you are expecting transfers but none are appearing, ensure your app is fully synced.

Once accepted fill in the detail fields required and tap Save; these animals are now on their new farm.

Note: This may take a few moments on the mobile app as the app is synced during the process. In order to view, accept, or decline an incoming transfer, your AgriWebb mobile app must be online.

When a transfer is declined by the recipient the original Transfer Off Farm record is unaffected. The sender must now record an additional Transfer On Farm record to bring the animals back on farm.

Editing Transfer Records

All fields can be modified except for the Transfer Type. Once a transfer is recorded as being between farms in AgriWebb, or if the destination was entered manually that cannot be edited.

If you have recorded a transfer between AgriWebb farms and no longer wish to copy the animals to the other farm, cancel the transfer.

Government Registrations

In some countries movements on and off farm can be submitted to government bodies from within AgriWebb. Check out our Submitting to Government Bodies article for more.

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