Key events

1. Getting support

2. Importing animal data

3. Creating Records

4. Provide AgriWebb with feedback

5. Reviewing data and reports

7. Provide AgriWebb with feedback

Getting support

For any additional feedback or help:

  • Book a 30min callback at the link here.
  • Chat to us through the Mobile or Web App.

Importing Animal Data

There are numerous ways to import your animals into AgriWebb as individual animals. Check out our article on Setting up your Individual Animals for a summary of each of these as well as recommendations for which method would work best for your enterprise.

If possible you should do this before your live session.

Creating Records

Live Session

Before your live session ensure you have completed the following steps:

  1. Your animals are imported or have read our article on importing animals during a live session. This is linked here.
  2. Check that your hardware is on the approved devices list here. Steps for connecting your hardware can be found here. Note: If you have issues connecting your bluetooth device see our Bluetooth Troubleshooting Connections.
  3. If you wish to create a workflow or a Record Template you can do this prior to the session or during the start-up process. For instruction on this see our Record Template article.

For a full guide to this see our Live Session Records.

Bulk Record

For full guide to adding in your individual records in bulk see Create Individual Records.

Review your Records

Individual Data

You can view all your individual animals records and details through the Individual Animal list. See our Individual Animal Details & History for further information.

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