Tagging Records (Individuals)

Apply, remove and replace tags from individuals with tagging records

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You can access any of the tagging records from both the Mobile and Web App.

These records will be tracked in the Tagging Report and Tagging section of your Flock book / Herd book.

NOTE: These records are only relevant for animals that are already present within the system. If you are inducting animals during a live session the Add Animals record allows you to input individuals tags as you add them onto Agriwebb.

Adding Tags

Tag Records and Replace Tag Records can be added as:

  • A single record on an individual

  • A Bulk record on individuals

  • An Ad hoc record during a Live Session

Tag Records on the Mobile App via Bulk Record

To add Tag's to individuals that have already been added to Agriwebb on the Mobile app you can do so through a live session or by creating a bulk record using the Tag record.

Click Livestock in the menu tab along the bottom.

Tap Create Bulk Record and select the species you wish to create the record for.

Select Tag

Fill out the Appropriate information such as Date Tagged, Tag Type (recommended to Select Management), EID (can be scanned in using hardware) and VID if required.

Note: EID field only accepts a 15 digit number, suggesting the RFID number of the RFID tag.

An electronic Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) has both an NLISID and an RFID number.

An NLIS number is printed on the outside of ear tag, can only be read visually by looking at the number. If you wish to also record this number we suggest placing in the Name column.

An RFID number is assigned to the electronic RFID chip inside a device, can only be read electronically when scanned by a tag reader.

Visual ID field is suggested to be used for the coloured ear management tag. This is easily read and animal identified in the paddock to then search within AgriWebb.

See our articles on Creating Records (Individuals) or Live Session Records (Individuals) for additional steps on this.

Removing Tags via Bulk Record

See our articles on Creating Records (Individuals) or Live Session Records (Individuals) for full steps on this.

Use the Remove Tag record.

Fill out the details in the Remove Tag record form and select Save.

Replacing Tags via Bulk Record

Use the Replace Tag Record.

Fill out the details in the Replace Tag record form and select Save.

These records will be logged in the retagging report and retagging section of your Flock Book / Herd Book.

Applying Tag Records via Live Session

Once individuals have already been added onto Agriwebb are you are then wanting to adjust their current tags you are able to do so using the Ad hoc record field within every Live Session.

Once the animal has been scanned and the animal card appears select More Actions.

Select Ad hoc record and choose between Replace Tag or Add Tag.

When inputting a Tagging record here, it is recommended that your chosen Tag Type is Management. If you select NLIS as your Tag type, the Visual ID field is specifically designated for the NLIS Visual Number present on each individual EID tag.

*** If you are replacing a Visual ID tag for example. You will also need to re-scan the EID for the individual within the replace tag record whilst also adjusting the Visual ID.

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