What happens to my Farm Wizard data?

We will automatically migrate your Farm Wizard data across to AgriWebb so that you are setup, ready to go and can continue your day to day farm management.

Can I continue to use Farm Wizard?

The AgriWebb team has worked with both the Farm Wizard team (now part of AgriWebb) as well as Farm Wizard customers to ensure your transition to, and usage of, AgriWebb will be a positive experience. AgriWebb will ultimately replace Farm Wizard, but for the time being you can continue to use Farm Wizard. 

However, during the next few weeks, all Farm Wizard users will need to move across to AgriWebb and therefore, cannot continue using Farm Wizard in the long run.

Is there support available if I have a question about AgriWebb?

Absolutely! However, at AgriWebb we like to ensure the success of our users and thus we employ a Customer Success team to ensure your questions are answered and you get optimum use out of AgriWebb.
You can reach the Customer Success team at info@agriwebb.co.uk or on +44 7723 432736.
You can also visit help.agriwebb.com where you will find many help articles and videos. 

How much does AgriWebb cost?

You will not be charged anything extra when you move across to AgriWebb and will not have to choose an AgriWebb plan until your current Farm Wizard subscription is due for renewal.  
At that time you can pick from several AgriWebb plans that will suit your needs. https://www.agriwebb.com/uk/pricing/

My animal numbers look incorrect in AgriWebb

During the initial migration you will notice some differences in your animal numbers between Farm Wizard and AgriWebb. You can use your new AgriWebb account to explore the various features of AgriWebb and in a few days we will reimport all of your information, solving any issues that you were seeing.

Where can I find more information on how AgriWebb works?

The AgriWebb team would be more than happy to speak with you and answer all your questions. Please contact us at info@agriwebb.co.uk or on +44 7723 432736. However, you can always visit either www.help.agriwebb.com or www.agriwebb.co.uk for more information.

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