This article brings together the links for our help articles relating to paddock management.

Add, Delete and Edit

See our articles on Drawing a Paddock, Edit a Paddock and Deleting a Paddock for step by step guides.


You can apply treatments (i.e sprays and fertilisers) in the same way you would your livestock. See Paddock Treatments for more.


We offer the ability to apply Harvesting, Sowing and Cultivation records to your paddocks.  

Note: Make sure when you're applying these records that you have changed the Pasture Status to suit the paddocks current use (i.e Grazing, Cropping, Hay). See Edit a Paddock.


All the records that you apply to your paddocks are automatically funnelled into your AgriWebb reports. These are all available on the WebApp. To learn how to get the most out of your reports see our Reporting article. 

Relevant Links:
Paddock Treatment Report
Paddock Cost of production
DSE Load by Paddock Report
Harvest Report
Cultivation Report
Sowing Report


Paddocks also play an important role in a few of our workarounds! Including Agisting Livestock, Livestock Transfer and Fuel Logbooks.

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