This article brings together the links for our help articles relating to livestock management.


See our articles on Adding Livestock, Deleting Livestock and Recounting Livestock for full guides.


You can move your livestock on the Mobile App. See our article on Moving Livestock for the steps.


See our Livestock Treatments article for a step by step guide on applying animal treatments. 

Other Relevant Links:
Multi Batch Livestock Treatments
Treating an Individual


You can apply all your animal records on the Mobile App. Check out our Record Keeping article for more.

To learn how to edit and undo records see our help article here

Other Relevant Links:
Weight Record
Scanning and Drafting
Fertility Records


Here are some links to a few popular and relevant articles on our workarounds.

Agisting Livestock
Livestock Transfer


All the records you create for your mobs are automatically put into your reports, allowing you to make informed decisions about your livestock management. To learn how to get the most out of your reports see our Reporting article.

Other Relevant Links:
Livestock Cost of Production and Gross Margins
Feed Allocation
Livestock Reconciliation Report

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