Replicating your grain sales is as simple as harvesting your crop, feeding out your grain and filtering your reports. Read below to find out more.

Setting Up


Create a paddock of to the side of your farm and set its Arable Area to zero. This will ensure it does not affect your farms total arable area. You can name this paddock "Grain Sales" for example.

For further information on setting up paddocks see our Drawing Paddocks article.


You can represent your grain buyers as livestock. Place them into your "Grain Sales" paddock as mobs of one. You can adjust the name and breed etc to indicate who they are representing. When creating these animals make sure to set their average weight and DSE to zero.


Harvest your crop like normal and choose the option to store it on farm. For a guide on how to do this see our Harvest article. 

To ensure correct numbers set the sale price for the grain to zero.

Selling Grain

To represent selling grain create a feed record for the animal (buyer). This feed record can be applied in the same way as a normal feed record. See our article on Feed Records for steps on how to do this. 

When feeding out the grain you can customise the total quantity supplied to the amount being sold. In this way you can track the amount of grain sold to each particular buyer.

Tracking Profit

You can keep a running total of your profits associated with these grain sales on AgriWebb. Do this through selling an animal representing your grain buyer. 

To maintain a running history of a buyers purchases do not sell the animal you have fed the grain to. In this way you can keep selling (feeding) to them as you need.

Instead, create a new animal that can be used to track that income. Name it after the grain buyer. 

When making this sale ensure you set the sale price to the income you made from the grain sale. For a step by step guide to making a sale see our Sale Record article.

Filtering Reports

You can filter out the costs and income of these actions using the filtering capabilities of the reports. For further information on filtering your reports see our Reporting article.

Selling Grain

If you had a cost associated with the grain you fed your animals (grain buyers) this will show up in your Feed Report and in your Cost of Production Report. You can use the filtering options in your reports to find this animals cost within your reports. 

Once you know the costs associated with this grain sale, note it down, and remember to deduct that from your livestocks total costs. In this way your grain sales won't contribute to or skew your other data.

Tracking Profit

The income associated with the sale will contribute to your Sales Records Report. Ensure you filter out this income, or keep a note of it. This will stop your livestock data being skewed by your grain sales.

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