Setting up your paddocks to represent what happens on farm is important for making your record keeping easy.  

Adding, Editing and Deleting Paddocks

You can do all of these things on both the Web and Mobile App. See Drawing a Paddock, Edit a Paddock and Delete a Paddock for more.

Land Use

When creating a paddock you get the option to select its Land Use. This helps you identify if your paddock is being used for cropping, grazing or hay. Land Use also covers Feedlots, Yards, Pens, Vegetation and Laneways. See our Areas article for further information on these types.

Note: If your Vegetation and Laneways were created prior to March 2020, no animals can be added to them. To resolve this, simply delete the area and draw it out with our new tools.

Your paddock state can be edited at any time through the paddock editor. We recommend having your paddocks Land Use represent what it is being used for in the present, rather than past or future uses. 

For grazing and cropping paddocks you can change the FOO and determine your grazing days remaining. See Grazing Planning for more.


You can draw out your feedlot onto AgriWebb. This enables you to track livestock movements and records. See our Feedlotting article for a step by step guide.


You can use a paddock to monitor and record many other things. Including agistment animals, selling grain and fuel use. See below for more information on these.

Helpful Articles

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