Treating an individual animal within a mob can be achieved on the mobile app by following these steps.  

1. Draft 

Select the Map icon and then press on the Livestock Tab. From here find and select the livestock group you are wanting to treat. 

Select View Details.

Select More > Move. You must move them out of their original paddock at this point i.e into hospital paddock or yards. You can also choose to move them back into that original paddock as well.

If you wish to record more information on the individual animal being treated, on the new livestock group press View Details > More > Edit. Then press the Individual Tracking tab at the top of the screen and fill out the necessary fields.

2. Treat 

Select the livestock group of one from the map, and then Treat All.

From here you can select the treatment type and the dose. Note: For more information on treating livestock see our article here. 

3. Merge

Once you have finished the course of individual treatments you can merge this animal back into its original mob. Drag the individual animal back into the original paddock, you can leave the individual animal group seperate or choose to merge mobs in target paddock to add back into the original livestock group. 

To merge mobs, they must have the same Tag Colour, Management Tag, Breed and Age Class. Note: For a step by step guide on merging mobs see our article here.

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