What do I need to scan?

Passport scanning is available on the AgriWebb web app through the use of a connected USB or Bluetooth bar code scanner.
Passports contain one or more barcodes. In the case of the sample BCMS passport shown below, there are two bar codes. The bar code in the top right corner contains just the tag number and the bar code in the bottom left provides both the tag number as well as additional information such as date of birth, sex, breed and optionally a version number.
In this example the bar code in the bottom left should be scanned.

Scanning animals

Log on to the AgriWebb Web App and select the Livestock tab on the left hand side of the screen. Then click on Individuals in the secondary menu at the top of the screen.

Click on the Add Animal menu and then select the Scan passport option as shown below.

A Scan Passport dialog will open as exemplified here:

Before initiating a scan, make sure your scanner is correctly configured to work with your computer and ready to scan. Scan the bar code on the passport you wish to import. 

Note: It is important that the passport scanner is in HID mode, and this browser window remains in focus during scanning.

Once scanned successfully you should see the applicable animals appear in a list like below. 

Note: For passports with multiple bar codes that split the tag number and the data, for example in Irish passports, you will need to scan the codes sequentially before that animal will appear in the list - these will only display as partial scans until then.

Once all the animals have been scanned click on the Add animals icon on the bottom right to add them to your farm. You will then, in turn, be returned to the individual animals list page which will then depict your recently scanned animals.

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