The Transfer on farm record allows you to record details of non-purchase livestock movements on to your farm.

Note: this will not transfer the stock from farm to farm within AgriWebb. 

Mobile App

Select the Livestock tab from the bottom of your screen.

To create a Transfer on farm record either:

  • Select Create Bulk Record, then select Transfer on farm from the quick records options.  
  • Select Individual Animals from the list. From your list of individuals, select the animals you wish to create a purchase record for. Click Create record and select Transfer on farm from the quick records options. 

Complete all the relevant fields of the Transfer on farm Record form. These include:

Note that the exact fields shown in Basic view depend on the country of your farm and the species of animals transferred. To see all fields click the settings cog at the top of the screen and select Advanced.

Additional costs can be entered by selecting Add additional cost at the bottom of the form. This can be used for labour costs, transport, levies, commission and other additional costs. You may record as many of these costs as required.

Once the details are complete tap Save to record the transfer. The record is shown in the History of the individuals. From the history you can review and edit the record.

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