Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connections

Bluetooth can sometimes misbehave, and connecting to an EID reader will fail. Go through the following checklist to troubleshoot your connection, and also refer to the manufacturers manual for help with their device. 

  • Check that the device is turned on and has bluetooth enabled.
  • Check that the device is not already connected to another device. Sometimes a bluetooth device will reconnect automatically to the previous device it was paired to. For example if your EID reader is connected to another device then disconnect the other device before trying to connect to the EID reader from the device running the AgriWebb Mobile App.
  • Check your devices system bluetooth settings. Check that bluetooth is turned on. 
  • When the AgriWebb app is launched it will look for and reconnect to previously paired devices. If the EID reader was not available to connect to then go to the Hardware Connections page once the device powered on to connect manually. 
  • In certain cases, you may be prompted to apply a 4 digit code to pair the devices. The default for the majority of TruTest and mainstream devices is either 0000 or 1234. For TruTest EziWeigh7 the passcode is 'default' .
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