This article combines some of our features that will assist your overall Farm Management. Make sure you check out the articles mentioned to learn more about each feature and don't forget to visit our Help Centre - home to many more useful guides.

Farm Management

We have compiled a list of our customers favourite tools for their Farm Management to help you learn how AgriWebb can improve the sustainability and efficiency of your operation:

Rainfall Records

Track rainfall on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

Show 6-day Regional Weather Forecast from the Home Page - see here.

Audit Compliance

Impress your auditor by accessing all of your records in the one place with exact accuracy

Grazing Planning

Use our handy insights to drive quick decisions. Monitor your stocking rate and pasture growth to improve grazing management.

Animal units

See how these affect your grazing planning and stocking rates.

Paddock Grazing Intensity report

See how this information allows you to make decisions for the future and to analyse pasture utilisation.

AE / LSU / DSE Load by Paddock Report

This can help give you an understanding of the production capability of a paddock.

Stocking rate

Monitor your paddock and total stocking rates to optimise production

Feed On Offer

Track pasture levels across all of your paddocks to determine grazing days remaining

Improve pasture persistence and sustainability through recording FOO, Pasture Growth Rate and Minimum FOO.


Submit eNVD’s through AgriWebb for less paperwork and a more accurate transfer of information.

Biosecurity Plan

Develop a comprehensive biosecurity plan to suit accreditation requirements


Input additional information to any mob, landmark, paddock or record

Let workers view important additional information on a specific date


Tasks can be used to monitor the progress of employees and ensure high priority operations are completed. Tasks can also be placed in the exact location on your Farm Map, so that if you assign the task to another teammate they know where that task needs to be completed. 

Edit Paddock Colours

Indicate particular paddock types through colours of your choice

Farm Insights

Visualise stocking rate, pasture growth rate, feed on offer and grazing days remaining across your entire operation.

Make sure you check out Livestock Management and Paddock Management to learn about more features that will help you boost productivity.

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