If you have accidentally made a mistake when creating a record, you can always jump in and Edit that information to ensure accuracy across your records. Jump to our articles on Livestock History and Paddock History if you want to learn how.

There are some situations where you may need to undo a record, this guide will explain exactly how records can be undone and the changes that will occur to related records. 

We recommend being extremely careful when undoing records and only undo records if they are blocking you from recording crucial records or undoing mistakes. 

Undoing or Adjusting a Record

From the Livestock or Paddock History page on the Mobile App, find your selected record in the timeline by using the filter at the top of the page and press the > arrow next to the chosen record. 

Check which Related Records will be undone or adjusted by your changes by scrolling down.

If you are happy with the changes that will occur to the related records, select Adjust Date or Undo and confirm your selection.

Note: Marking records cannot be edited, they will need to be undone and recreated with the correct information. Undo these records from the maternal livestocks history.

If you are uncertain about undoing records or have any questions, contact our Farm Success team.

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