AgriWebb has partnered with the Grow team, an umbrella brand led by Bayer Animal Health Sciences division to bring AgriWebb customers leading research and advice, developed and provided by Grow experts. They take a scientific, systematic approach to animal health and best practice to help improve your production systems. 

They provide field and extension services to promote efficiency gains and improve livestock productivity and profitability. Delivered through AgriWebb’s advanced software technology, we’ve integrated the Operational Planner to help unlock your highest possible productivity!

Operational Planner Management Recommendations are made by Grow livestock agronomists after considering your on-farm management groups, necessary events and their timing.

Some of the recommendations, based on your region and Management Group will include:

Supplement Recommendations: provide solutions to nutrient deficiencies in your region at critical points in the season

Vaccination Recommendations: provide different product and treatment recommendations to improve animal health by reducing opportunity for infectious disease

Pre-joining, Joining and Post-joining Assessments: provide practical management recommendations to ensure healthy livestock and suitable paddock conditions to maintain animal condition

Are DSM products available in my region?

Along with recommending products made by DSM Nutritional Products Australia, the Operational Planner suggests similar products that will allow you to see the same results! The best way to check if DSM products are available in your region is to get in touch with your local Grow livestock agronomist. 

Note: The Grow Team does not, nor does any other third party, have access to your data. If you wish to speak with a member of the Grow team, you have the ability to do so knowing with confidence that your farm data is yours, and yours only.

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