This guide will show you how to treat the same groups using two different batches of the same treatment. This will be necessary when the first batch is used up during the treatment and a second batch is required.  

Creating the record

Firstly, create a separate treatment inventory item for each drench. This will allow you to accurately enter the relevant batch number, manufacturing date and expiry date for the separate drums. 

Select the Map icon then press on the Livestock tap.

Tap on the livestock you wish to treat. If you wish to treat all mobs in the paddock press Treat All.

If you wish to treat specific livestock within a paddock select View Details on the group. 

Select Treat at the bottom of the page.

Select the livestock to be treated and press Next. Select the two batches that were used. 

Details Page

Enter the Dosage for the first batch. This will calculate the total amount used. Using the amount that we know is remaining in the first batch, manually overwrite the Total Amount Applied

  • E.g. The batch has 1L remaining, but the total amount applied will be calculated as 4.112 calculated from the rate and the head of the group. Manually overwrite the total to be 1L, the remainder of the batch.

Enter the same Dosage for the second batch. Again, this will calculate the Total Amount Applied. As some of this total was already used in the first batch, manually subtract this amount from the Total Amount Applied for the second batch.

  • E.g. Total Amount Applied will again calculate as 4.112 L, we know that 1L was used from the first batch. Manually overwrite the Total Amount Applied box and subtract the 1L used in the first batch. This means 3.112L of the second batch was used.

 Press Save to finalise your entry.

Treatment Records Report

Group by batch number to view livestock treated from each batch.

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

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