Got your operational planner recommendations but want to customise and add events to your calendar?

Adding and Editing custom events on the Operational Planner is easy from the Web App. Our Operational Planner provides a calendar platform to help better manage your operations, using region based science to create your personalised plan; increasing productivity and efficiency on farm. If you want to learn more about the Operational Planner, check out our full guide.

Add a Custom Event 

Select the Planner tab from the left navigation panel.

Select Add Event and click on a date you’d like to create a custom event on.

Fill out the title of your event, select management group and input the dates of the event. When you are finished, press Create Event.

Edit a Custom Event

Click the custom event to edit it. 

Press Edit description, Edit title or change the start or end dates. When you are finished, press Save.

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