From the Mobs tab, select the mob you want to create the shearing record for.

Press View Details to see the Mob Summary. Then press More.

Select Shear from the Mob records.

Fill in the details of the shearing. To add more mobs press Add Mobs and select the mobs that are to be shorn. Once you have finished, press Save.

After Shearing 

Later, if you wish to edit any details such as your Cost of Shearing or Price Received, you can do so by viewing the Mob History. Select the Shearing Record and press the Edit. From here, you can go back through and change any of the relevant fields.

Shearing Report

Review and analyse your shearing record information from the Shearing Record Report. 

Click on Reports from the left navigation panel.

Select Shearing records report.

Your greasy weight, bales, costs and costs/head across all your mobs will be displayed here.

To learn more about customising your reports, check out our article on Reporting.

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