Adding multiple Rain Gauges in the AgriWebb Portal is easy and this will help you accurately record your Rainfall data in the different regions of your property! 

Web App

From the Web App, select Farm Map from the left hand navigation panel

Select Add from the Navigation Panel at the top of the page

Hover your mouse over Water and then select Rain Gauge from the drop down menu

Place your Rain Gauge where you would like by clicking on a location on your farm map.

Fill out the Name, Colour and Description of your Rain Gauge and then press Save

You will be able to add Rainfall records to any of your Rain Gauges through the Notebook.

View your Rainfall Records

See these steps to view the rainfall reports of your property:

From the Web App, select Reports from the left hand navigation. Select Rainfall Records report.

Rainfall by gauge
View rainfall across the property by comparing gauges. 

Rainfall records
An overall list of rainfall events recorded.

You can Print or Export each of these reports. 


When recording rainfall on the same date, only the highest record will be added to the summary graph.

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